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About Us

Ahead Dental Clinic has been providing oral health care to many patients all across the states of North India. More than 100 patients visit our centers every day at New Delhi & Mohali to get quality dental treatment through the best clinical procedures using the latest instruments and gadgets. At Ahead Dental Clinic we make sure that our patients get special attention, feel comfortable, relaxed through friendly and caring approach. We develop a long-term relationship of trust to help our patients smile with confidence through an affordable, professional and reliable treatment plan.

Our facilities use state-of-the-art equipment, digital X-rays and instruments in order to live up to our commitment to quality and effective dental care. We always deliver quality, affordable care to our patients.

· We are extremely cautious to provide clean, sterile , safe facilities for our patients. Our full-time safety and infection control compliance team educates and monitors all of our dental offices on a year-round basis for compliance with all safety, sterilization and other facility requirements.

· We conduct continuing education programs year-round for our dentists and staff on recent developments, new and existing treatments. Dentists in our clinic are up-to-date in the area of their specialization so that they can provide our patients with excellent quality dental care.

Who we are?

AHEAD Dental Clinic, an award winning dental clinic situated in Delhi and Mohali boasts of an advanced, infrastructure and very professional staff who believe in providing noninvasive dental care to keep our patients comfortable. Our Dental Clinic in Delhi is renowned for its unmatched infrastructure, technologies used, atmosphere and a team of experienced dentists and dental assistants who are always happy to serve their patients.

At AHEAD Dental Clinic. We want you to enjoy your experience in our clinic, whether it is family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry or general dentistry you need.

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